Meal Planning

I’m doing a few things to lose weight just now, including tracking calories on MyFitnessPal. Snacks are generally under 200 calories, breakfasts and lunches have been kept under 400 calories each so dinners can be up to 500 calories.

Last week we planned to eat:

  • Mushroom and Kale Quesadillas from Fearne Cotton’s book. We’ve had this loads of times now, I love them and they’re quite light.
  • Tadpoles in the Hole from last months Good Housekeeping magazine. This is basically toad in the hole but with cut up sausages, carrots and onion. Tasty and filling.
  • Tomato gnocchi with green beans. A great, quick mid-week recipe. Only 350 calories or so per portion too. A real comfort food.
  • Pizza. This is a rare treat for Lucy- she loves putting the toppings on a shop bought pizza. I’m sure we would do it more if we had time to make the bases from scratch! These had prosciutto, mushrooms and spinach. Very tasty!

Then we went completely off plan!

  • Italian Stallion Sausages from Lean in 15. We will try this recipe another time. We all ended up with bad colds and no appetites so Brendan and I had cereal after Lucy went to bed.
  • Teriyaki salmon with courgette noodles from Lean in 15. It was my birthday on Saturday and we had a babysitter so we went into Glasgow, did a bit of shopping and got dinner.
  • Take Away. After eating out on Saturday we didn’t bother with take away. Instead we used the salmon and had an easy stir fry.

Snacks were pink lady apple as from Costco (tastiest apples ever) and Apricot toffee bites.

I hope everyone had a good weekend. Here’s to a healthy, productive week!

Joanne xoxo


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