Beginner Crochet Series- What you need to get started

I wanted to do a Crochet series on the blog. I adore crochet but am still a beginner, I started last summer so thought I’d share what I’ve learned so far, incase anyone else is just starting out and needs some pointers. If you’re a more experienced crocheter- feel free to chime in with any advice!

Below are the tools I use in my Crochet. . .


  1. Pompom makers These came in a pack of 4 sizes. I made Lucy and I matching hats so she got the smaller pompom although I do think toddler hats with huge pompoms are pretty cute too! Before I got these I had a go at making pom poms the old fashioned way (the way I learned in the Brownies!) but this way is much easier!
  2. Ipad. I got the Ipad air 2 in gold for my birthday earlier this month and I am in love with it but a phone or computer would obviously do. Any way to access YouTube basically. I bought a book to get me started but I have to say when you’re starting out YouTube is the way to go! I’ll do a round up of my favourite Crochet blogs and YouTube channels in another post but for now I would really recommend Bella Coco.
  3. Yarn. This is another topic that deserves its own blog post. When I decided to teach myself I bought myself a cheap pack of 10 balls of different colours. I thought I’d better just get something cheap to get me started learning the different stitches etc. This was a mistake. The yarn was 100% acrylic (not always a bad thing) and was so scratchy and basically horrid to have running through my fingers. I used it to make a few practise squares of different stitches and then sent the rest to the charity shop.
  4. Crochet hooks. I have only really used these but find them to be good. They were inexpensive for a pack of the most useful sizes and I like the colours!
  5. Stitch Markers. I’ve used these a couple of times but you don’t need to get them straight away, most beginner projects won’t require them.
  6. Scissors (similar). I got these very cheaply and they fit nicely into the pencil case I use to hold my hooks.

If you’re interested in trying Crochet I would highly recommend it. It’s therapeutic, fun and keeps your hands busy and out of the biscuit tin! It’s also a lot easier that you might think. If you decide to give it a go I’d love to hear how you get on.

Joanne xoxo


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